What We Do


WABS proclaims that learning and development of human capital consolidates the structure of organizations worldwide. It ensures intelligent strategic action at every level, and gives individuals the tools and awareness to hone that strategy. With continuous learning, leaders of organisations make world-class expertise an integral part of that organisation. Instead of relying on outside support, you enhance the capabilities of your managers and leaders to address challenges. And by exposing senior people to leading edge-thinking, you ensure your business has the strategic drive to succeed. WABS provides corporate training, skill development, research information and consultancy services. WABS has very unique specialist individual and corporate training programmes that are practically challenging and rigorous, drawing on the strengths of the school’s first-class faculty of world-renowned scholars, business managers and management development consultants of repute.


WABS research into the latest business challenges existing in all corporate sectors in Africa, both old and new from everywhere to reach everyone involved in the subject matter. We then transform the idea into reality by creating business meetings, which bring people together to learn, network and progress.

WABS offers corporate training short courses specialising in industries such as:

  • Financial Services
  • Energy (Oil & Gas, Power, Water)
  • Telecoms
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Hospitality & Healthcare
  • Much, muchmore