• West Africa Business School has established centres of excellence through which we deliver our very unique products and services to our clients in all locations within the West African Countries. These centres of excellence are as follow:
    1. Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)
    2. Professionals Development Centre
    3. SME Training & Development Centre (SMETDC)
    4. Financial Education Centre
    5. Independent Research Projects Centre
    6. Professional Books Distribution & Publishing Centre
    7. International Traders Training Centre
    8. Distance Learning Centre
    9. ECOWAS Children Computer Academy


     2.1.1. EDC Target

    • Graduates of primary and secondary school who are unable to go to Higher Education Institutions.
    • Graduates of Higher Education Institutions who are unable to secure a job after their school and need additional skills to enable them become self-employed after school.

    2.1.2. EDC Objective

    • To equip graduates of primary, secondary and higher education institutions in Africa with skills that will enable them become employable or self-employed after school.

    2.1.3. EDC Professional Schools
    Professional School of Farming & Agriculture (PSF)

    Professional School of Project Management (PSPM)

    Professional School of Finance & Accounting (PSFA)

    Professional School of Tourism & Hospitality (PSTH)

    Professional School of Research & Innovation (PSRI)

    Professional School of Trading & Commerce (PSTC)

    Professional School of Fashion & Body Care (PSFBC)

    Professional School of Music & Entertainment (PSME)

    Professional School of Business Management (PSBM)

    Professional School of Leadership & Governance (PSLG)

    Professional School of Security & Civil Defense (PSSCD)

    Professional School of Driving & Motor Technology (PSDMT)

    Professional School of Furniture & Wood Technology (PSFWT)

    Professional School of Photography & Cinematography (PSPC)

    Professional School of Secretarial & Office Administration (PSSOA)

    Professional School of Electronics & Electrical Techniques (PSEET)

    Professional School of Social Media & Digital Marketing (PSSMDM)

    Professional School of Social Care & Old People Nursing (PSSCOPN)

    Professional School of Information & Communication Technology (PSICT)

    Professional School of Baking, Catering & African Food Production (PSBCAFP)



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