To achieve international recognition in delivery of world- class Skills Training, Human Capital Development, Professional Education, Executive Education and Socio-Economic Research

• To create and grow intellectual assets for a sustainable African economy through impact of superior knowledge in company executives, managers, public administrators, entrepreneurs, politicians, business men and women and community leaders especially within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
• To expand the depth of knowledge of our students, develop new skills, update professional skills as well as add value to public and private organizations and businesses in Africa.

The core values of West Africa Business School are:
Fear of God,
Excellence, Honesty,
Equality of Opportunity Based on Merit

The West Africa Business School (WABS) was established in response to the need for a high quality professional development, corporate training and executive education institute to address the needs of working professionals who have the desire to continue professional and academic training while remaining in the workforce. Following the strategic vision of the Founder Mr. Obasi Ngwuta, the school was formerly registered on 7th May 2002 with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a private regional training institution. In the beginning, West Africa Business School started with organizing corporate seminars, workshops and soft business short courses. In January 2010, the school launched specialized strategic business conferences, leadership programme and management training courses across Africa focusing mainly on the financial services industry. Today, West Africa Business School (WABS) has become a house-hold name and a global brand, well known in Africa for delivery of world-class Corporate Training, Government Human Capital Development, Professional Education, Executive Education, Business Intelligence, Consulting and Research Services.

West Africa Business School is one of the foremost regional training and research institution for business, leadership and management education in sub-Saharan Africa. Our strategic intent is to redefine education management and organizational learning by democratizing knowledge and information that links business with intelligence. We are established to create and grow intellectual assets for a sustainable African economy through impart of superior knowledge in company managers, public administrators, business men and women, entrepreneurs, politicians and community leaders especially within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in particular and Africa in general.

WABS proclaims that learning and development of human capital consolidates the structure of organizations worldwide. It ensures intelligent strategic action at every level, and gives individuals the tools and awareness to hone that strategy. With continuous learning, leaders of organisations make world-class expertise an integral part of that organisation. Instead of relying on outside support, you enhance the capabilities of your managers and leaders to address challenges. And by exposing senior people to leading edge-thinking, you ensure your business has the strategic drive to succeed. WABS provides corporate training, skill development, research information and consultancy services. WABS has very unique specialist individual and corporate training programmes that are practically challenging and rigorous, drawing on the strengths of the school’s first-class faculty of world-renowned scholars, business managers and management development consultants of repute. WABS research into the latest business challenges existing in all corporate sectors in Africa, both old and new from everywhere to reach everyone involved in the subject matter. We then transform the idea into reality by creating business meetings, which bring people together to learn, network and progress.
WABS offers corporate training short courses specialising in industries such as:
Financial Services, Energy (Oil & Gas, Power, Water), Telecoms, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Hospitality & Healthcare, Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and much more
WABS business model is structured into four unique platforms or main divisions of operation as follow:
• WABS Centre for Corporate Learning and Development (CCLD)
• WABS Centres of Excellence (CE)
• WABS Research Information and Consultancy Service (RICS)
• WABS Executive Education Programmes (EEP)

To stay competitive in the world of rapidly changing technology and methodology, regular professional training and staff development is essential for any organisation in both public and private sector. WABS offers corporate training and development courses specialising in industries such as:
Financial Services, Energy (Oil & Gas, Power, Water), Telecoms, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Hospitality & Healthcare, Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and much more.
Our corporate training programmes are structured in three different unique ways as follow:
• Executive Open Enrollment Programmes (EOP)
• Executive In-Company Programmes (EIP)
• Distance E-learning Programmes (DEP)

1.1. Executive Open Enrollment Programmes (EOP)
WABS provides a wide range of executive open-enrollment training programmes. If you’re an executive, we can help you find the right programme to fit your level of experience, interests, and schedule. If you’re an employer, we can help you find the right programme to meet the needs of the executive you’re sponsoring.

1.2. Executive In-Company Programmes (EIP)
WABS provides a wide range of executive in-house training programmes which are tailored to meet the needs of modern organisations. These training enable your organisation to learn and gain contemporary awareness about your industry and expand your knowledge on any topic of your choice. Benefits of in-company training:
• Quality instruction from expert facilitators and faculty at location of your choice
• Customize courses when required
• Transfer skills quickly to your entire team
• Save on travel and training costs

WABS work with companies in Africa to tailor programmes to their specific objectives and these human capital development programmes are offered on both long & short term basis.

1.3. Distance E-learning Programmes (DEP)
WABS is now building her e-learning infrastructure in readiness to offer various professional Distance Learning programmes that lead to Certificates, Diplomas and Post-graduate degrees. We will develop courses for delivery through the open learning and distance education mode and is also actively involved in research, training and extension education activities. The DEP will be structured into two e-learning divisions to accommodate both public and private sectors as follow:
• Distance E-Learning Programmes for government employees (DELPGE)
• Distance E-Learning Programmes for company employees (DELPCE)
• Distance E-Learning Programmes for private individuals (DELPPI)

West Africa Business School has established centres of excellence through which we deliver our very unique products and services to our clients in all locations within the West African Countries. These centres of excellence are as follow:
1. Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)
2. Professionals Development Centre
3. SME Training & Development Centre (SMETDC)
4. Financial Education Centre
5. Independent Research Projects Centre
6. Professional Books Distribution & Publishing Centre
7. International Traders Training Centre
8. Diversity Learning Centre
9. ECOWAS Children Computer Academy

2.1.1. EDC Target
• Graduates of primary and secondary school who are unable to go to Higher Education Institutions.
• Graduates of Higher Education Institutions who are unable to secure a job after their school and need additional skills to enable them become self-employed after school.
2.1.2. EDC Objective
• To equip graduates of primary, secondary and higher education institutions in Africa with skills that will enable them become employable or self-employed after school.
WABS offers research data, market information and business intelligence specialising in industries such as:
Financial Services, Energy (Oil & Gas, Power, Water), Telecoms, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Hospitality & Healthcare, Public sector and much more. WABS offers consultancy services in the following areas: Production of bankable business plan for all sectors, Production of feasibility study and reports, Market and customer surveys, Product development intelligence reporting.
WABS will in the nearest future, offer the following Executive Education Programmes to meet the needs of our ever growing students and institutional clients:
• Master in Business Administration (MBA)
• Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
The long term vision of the founder of West Africa Business School is to establish the ECOWAS Open University year 2020. The ECOWAS Open University when established will operate multiple university campuses in the sixteen West African countries that make up ECOWAS community namely: Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde. The main objective of ECOWAS Open University is to meet tertiary education needs of the ever growing population of West Africa.

WABS Clients Profile
Over the years, West Africa Business School has provided learning solutions to various organisations in Africa as follows.
CAL Bank Ltd Ghana, National Health Insurance Authority Ghana, West Africa Monetary Institute Ghana, ZSIC Life Limited Zambia, GT Bank (Gambia) Ltd, Gambia Investment Promotion Authority, Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, Britam Insurance Company (Uganda) Ltd, Agricultural Business Initiative Trust in Uganda, SIC Insurance Company Ghana Ltd, KEK Insurance Reinsurance Brokers Ghana Ltd, Central Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Ghana, Asset Management Company of Nigeria, Ecobank Nigeria Ltd, Zenith Bank Plc, Jaiz Bank Plc, Nexim Bank Nigeria, Enterprise Bank Ltd, Keystone Bank Ltd, Heritage Bank Ltd, Central Clearing Securities System Plc, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc, AXAMansard Insurance Plc, Pencom, Unity Capital Insurance, Niger Insurance Plc, Zenith Insurance Company Ltd, Standard Alliance Insurance Plc, Aiico Insurance Plc, Nigeria Stock Exchange, Standard Alliance Life Assurance Ltd., Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc, Law Union &Rock Insurance Plc, Anchor Insurance Plc, Royal Exchange Prudential Life Assurance Ltd., SBG Insurance Brokers Ltd, Heirs Insurance Brokers Ltd, First Dominion Insurance Brokers Ltd, Great Nigeria Insurance Plc, Cornerstone Insurance Plc, Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc, National Insurance Commission, Equity Assurance Plc. IEI Insurance Plc, National Sugar Development Council, Nigeria Customs Service, Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Ohaozara Local Government Area, UBA Metropolitan Insurance Ltd, Continental Reinsurance Plc, IGI Insurance Plc, KBL Insurance Ltd, NSIA Insurance Ltd, Zenith Insurance Co. Ltd, Sheraton Hotel Abuja, Ensure Insurance Co. Ltd., Universal Insurance Plc, Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham, Urban Shelter Limited, just to mention a few. The quality of our learning & development programmes across West Africa/Africa, international faculty, five star venues and execution strategy speak for us.

GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS/ List of Foreign Training Partners
West Africa Business School has developed a network of relationship with a good number of international training and human capital development institutions. Agreements have already been signed with some of the institutions while discussions are ongoing with many others to seal a partnership training deal in the coming years. Currently, West Africa Business School represent various international training and human capital development institutions across the globe including the following:
DSC Consulting-Australia, Equip HR Africa Pty Ltd -South Africa, Executive Wisdom Consulting Group-Australia, Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI)-Israel, HR Perspectives Ltd-Ghana, International Air Transport Association (IATA)-Switzerland, McCann Corporate Consulting Associates – Canada, Robertson’s Cargo Consultancy (Pty.) Ltd-South Africa, Third Sector Capital Management-Australia and Corporate Coach Group, UK

Recognized By Government
WABS is registered and recognized by relevant government regulatory institutions such as Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Industrial Training Fund (ITF). Also our Director General/Chief Executive Officer has attended relevant government approved training programme of the Centre for Management Development (CMD) in compliance with regulatory requirements.